Founding Partner

Vinnie Lauria

As an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Vinnie has always been passionate about building and bridging startup communities from Silicon Valley to Southeast Asia. He is a Kauffman Fellow, a guest lecturer at the National University of Singapore, and rated by the Founder Institute as highest startup mentor in Asia from a pool of 2,500 mentors.

In 2010, Vinnie left San Francisco to backpack across theworld with his wife Kristine. They started in Korea, then went to China, South to North of Vietnam, Bangkok and Singapore. There was a lot of great activity, smart minds, people building cool things - and Vinnie found himself meeting great people from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs who were struggling to find funding.

The opportunity got him so excited that by the end of the trip, Vinnie decided to settle in Singapore and help bridge knowledge and financing between the Valley and Southeast Asia.

As an entrepreneur-turned-investor, Vinnie had experience building companies but not venture capital - something he saw as an advantage as not many investors had the Silicon Valley startup experience.

Golden Gate Ventures has since become not only a job to Vinnie but a hobby: when he’s not doing at work, he’s trying to zone out and just enjoy the calm and peace in the moment.