We are a global venture capital team powering tech & innovation from Southeast Asia.


About us

Golden Gate Ventures is a South-East Asian venture capital firm founded in 2011 that brings together knowledge and experience from Silicon Valley with passion and ambition for Southeast Asia. For over a decade we’ve proudly backed some of the region’s most audacious founders and companies behind Southeast Asia’s incredible growth story. Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Indonesia and Vietnam, we’ve launched 4 funds, have US$250M AUM, and invested in 70+ companies with 9 unicorns across our portfolio.

Our Mission is to Empower the Audacious, through Human and Financial Capital.

We believe in empowering founders who are risk-takers, who dare to challenge the norms, and who leverage technology to change the way the world works.

companies funded
in AUM
$1 billion+
portfolio financing
Top 5
of SEA funds by KPMG

What we do

We fund and learn from the audacious. From product development, to technical strategy and growth hacking techniques, we’ve helped and learned from over 60 startups in our portfolio.

Founders small

We practise diversity to breed innovation.

Our team and networks hail from different cultures, disciplines and experiences. We are a mix of former founders, marketers, heavy metal drummers, yoga instructors, martial artists, and financiers.

We put founders first.

We have a solid track record of identifying opportunities before their times, and work with founders on their long-term vision and strategy.

How we invest

Where do we invest?

We focus on Southeast Asia - and have invested deeply across Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. We have also invested in startups around the world expanding to Southeast Asia.

What do we invest in?

Startups addressing technological opportunities that arise out of the growing consumer class in Southeast Asia, which includes everything from consumer apps to B2B SaaS services.
We invest heavily in machine learning tools to explore markets, uncover trends and gather market intelligence to identify next big bets.

How do I pitch?

Preferably through an introduction - from a founder in our portfolio to an investor in our network. Or find us at an event and give us your best 60-second pitch.
We’ve been pitched in elevators, escalators, and even taxi queues!

How we help

Founder Community

We’re very selective on the founders we invest in (we have a lower acceptance rate than Harvard). As a founder in the portfolio, you’ll be plugged into a network of other founders across different stages through chat groups, online webinars, portfolio dinners, yearly summits, and business development trips to other countries.

Regional Expansion

With investments across more than seven countries, we have local partners in each country, from fellow CEOs to LPs to corporate investors. We co-invest with local investors to tap local expertise and help open new networks.

Network and Fundraising

We’ve built a deep global network from Southeast Asia to Silicon Valley with corporates, governments and conglomerates. Our Partners hail from across three continents with a rich global network open to our portfolio.

Strategy and Coaching

Many of the firm’s partners have founded their own startups, including in Silicon Valley. Our advice comes from decades of experience and data-driven insights. We’re constantly learning from our portfolio and share learnings and best practices with all our founders.


We know you’re raising money to hire great talent and we help source that talent for you. Our events plug us into great communities, our brand helps senior executives confide in us that they’re looking to make a jump, and our newsletters help us promote your needs to thousands of potential hires.

Frequently asked questions

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