Indonesia's leading digital staffing solution. Blue-collar workforce management platform with over 850,000 agent-partners across 80 cities in Indonesia

About the firm

Staffinc - Formerly Sampingan (which directly translates to side-job in Bahasa) is an on-demand workforce marketplace and software provider that helps SMEs and enterprises scale quickly and cheaply with with time- or project-based labourers, as well as distributed workforce management software tools (“Kerjaan”).

Why we Invested

Driven by digitisation, liberalisation of labour laws and the proliferation of on-demand employment opportunities across industries, the gig economy in Southeast Asia has boomed over the years - leading to huge opportunities in “blue-collar” workforce marketplaces. 

With all its founders from Gojek, Staffinc is tapping into these trends and is well-positioned to capitalise on the fragmented market. They are building a full suite solution to support the full end-to-end scope of recruiting and managing both short (on-demand) and mid-term contractual blue collar employees. As well as providing a solution to the tedious, repetitive outsourcing process for shortening the deployment process while presenting better qualified candidates.

Today, Staffinc’s clients include large enterprises like GoJek, Bukalapak, Shopee, Lazada, Kopi Kenangan, and Mercari.Inc, and SMEs and startups such as Printerous, Qoala, Nusantara Technology, Halodoc, Bukukas, and Chilibeli.